Dec 26, 2018

- Lilies - Roses - Hortensia - Red Currant -

Hi again,

I have to add a couple of pictures of my new BuJo. I got adorable vintage stickers and a new washi tape (the red one on the picture) from a local online shop. I decorated the cover and the title page.

I got 48 of these rectangular flower stickers. I picked the prettiest ones for the cover: white lily, burgundy rose and soft-rose colored hortensia. I wish I had been more careful while cutting the washi tape... But the black spaces in between do not bother me enough to go and fix it. It is good enough.

On the title page I have the red currants, which remind me of my childhood birthday. I was born in August and my birthday cake was always decorated with red currants from my parents' garden.

I just love the outcome! I can't wait for the first of January to get to start using this book!

PS. You might notice that I changed the monthly tag to a more subtle one. It is easy to change as it is washi tape. We'll see if I stick with this one! ;c)

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