Dec 16, 2018

My bullet journal for 2019

Long time no see,

But here I am now!

My plans for the day changed as my daughter fell ill. Therefore I had time to work on my new bullet journal and now even this blog! I made so nice spreads on my BuJo that I want to share the pictures.

I got my new notebook from Amazon. It was a great deal: two quality notebooks only 15 bucks. The pages are thick, binding is good quality and the cover feels nice and sturdy in my hand. The only down side, due to thicker pages, is that it only has around 60 sheets. But, as Ryder Carroll says, the notebook is just a tool and the pages and notebooks are there to be used, not saved.

Without further ado, here are the pictures.

I decided to separate the general index for monthly, daily and weekly logs, and the index for special collections. I'll see how it works. This way I was able to list many of the collections beforehand, and it won't look as messy as a combined one.

Here you see my future log. I had the calendar separately in my previous one but that didn't have any advantage to it so I decided to go with a combined one again. As you can see, I have the months February to July listed here. That is because I will start this BuJo in the 1st of January and usually my BuJo lasts around a half a year. I anticipate that this time it won't last as long as the notebook has less pages. I also have started to write more extensive daily logs after reading Ryder Carroll's book on bullet journal.

This spread is just for fun! It is nice to read later on what the kids have done or said. I had a spread like this in one of my previous BuJos. I was looking through that BuJo now to prepare for Christmas chores and came across the collections for kids' things. It was very nice to read! Instead of having a separate collection to each of my kids, like I did the last time, I decided to go for only one for all of them.

I'm doing a lot of volunteer work at our church. This spread is for that. I list my to-do's in my different roles in these pages. Other notes concerning the ministries will stay in their dedicated folders. I matched the colors: LWML theme color is gold and my folder for it is white. My BoCE stuff is in turquoise folder. Next page you see the Communications Team collections - those paper documents live in a red folder!

I'm a poor reader at the moment but time to time I get recommendations on books worth reading. Instead of ignoring them because of lack of time, I note them here and hopefully have time to read them in another season of life.

This is also just for fun. I wish I had started this when we arrived to the States! But thanks to BuJo I will be able to complete this list for some time back and have a summary of all the places I have visited. Or maybe I just list the places I visit from now on. This time I just added the places that quickly came into my mind.

On the left hand side I have the school schedules for all of my kids and their schools. On the right hand side are my clothing and shoe sizes. I'm planning to add to this list every time I go shopping and find something that fits me. I'm still struggeling to understand the various US sizes - and I'm not even aware of my European ones because my body changes and I don't do clothes shopping that often.

This spread is about prayer. I'm planning to track the things that I pray about and also note down when my prayer is answered. This will help me to see God's work in my and other people's life and be grateful for His guidance.

In the spring my personal trainer wrote me this workout. I asked her to create such a workout that if I only did that every day for the rest of my life, I would be good. My exercise life has been really poor this fall and I'm planning to brush up. This spread will hold the plans and schedules I make for that.

And finally the first monthly spread. I added the presents there for the memories of the fun holiday season that is just passed.

My style for the bullet journal is very minimalistic and effortless. Kiiltokuvat (These seem to exist only in the Nordic countries! Hence no English name.), stickers and washi tape are my ways to decorate the journal.

I hope you got some inspiration from this. I know I did! Thanks for reading.

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